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How to do a clean installation of Windows 10 | Windows Central.

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Why Won’t Windows 10 Install From a USB? Causes and Fixes.[New] Fix Bootable USB Not Working in Windows 10/8/7 - EaseUS 


How to Install Windows 10 From a Bootable USB Drive - Case: Windows 10 Bootable USB not working


Screen Recorder. Transfer Products. File Management. More Products. USB is not bootable. Bootable USB is not detected as a boot device. Bootable USB not showing up or recognized in bios. Stuck on the boot menu screen and won't proceed. Can't boot from USB, even select the right boot option. Change USB Format 2. Fix 1. Then, here comes the issue, USB unbootable. If not, format it to FAT32 with the following steps: Step 1.

A handy tool to use that helps you track down the biggest space hogs by file is WinDirStat. It is free and shows you a graphical representation of all the files mapped out.

Sometimes, Windows 10 can be installed from an ISO image. So the only solution is to format the USB and reinstall the image again.

The system will automatically detect your OS and display the information on the screen. Then click on schedule and create a weekly, monthly, or whichever timelines you want.

Then click on proceed to allow the system to backup the OS. Keep a spare USB stick in case yours is corrupted. Marlo has always been obsessed with computers his whole life. After working for 25 years in the computer and electronics field, he now enjoys writing about computers to help others. Most of his time is spent in front of his computer or other technology to continue to learn more. Table of Contents. This is the screen where you will activate your version of Windows. If you have your product key , enter it in the text box.

If you choose the latter option, you can enter the product key at a later point to unlock everything. On the next screen, select the version of Windows 11 that you want to install. If you already have a product key, be sure to select the correct version, as product keys only work with their respective version. Accept the license terms on the next screen by checking the box.

You can then select to upgrade, which installs the new version of Windows while keeping your files, apps, and settings. Finally, select where you want to install Windows. The Wizard will now begin installing the Windows files. The length of this process varies from computer to computer and could take a bit of time. Once finished, your computer will reboot.

This happens because the system might be trying to read from the USB drive instead of from the hard drive that you installed the OS on.

If this happens, remove the USB drive and restart the computer. Windows 11 may feel a bit jarring at first after using Windows 10 for a long time, most notably the Start menu. We select and review products independently. If you want to ensure that your question gets maximum exposure, it should be asked in the forums. Activate over the phone and then connect to the internet. Then run the Windows 10 update tool. I had multiple OS multi-boot on my laptop. Different versions.. How do I get my OS upgraded to get the new Windows 10 key??

No difference. Very frustrating You can also just do a reset for those that don't want create the media or deal with partitioning. There is even the option to keep your personal files that get put into a folder called Windows. I've found it an easy and hassle free way to do it.

I'd recommend it to anyone who did several preview upgrades as it cleared out all my issues that were inherited from prior builds.

It's just like hard resetting the phone. This gave me a bluescreen on my Surface Pro 3. You can upgrade your windows 8. This ended up causing a blue screen just a day after upgrading. Back on 8. Hi, quick question here, I'm still upgrading mine to Windows 10 using Download Tool, if sometimes in the future I want to do clean install, should I re-download the ISO file?

Also, if I'm upgrading with this way, should I re-enter the product key? I haven't been able to backup that yet.. Any response will be appreciated, thanks! Upgrading using download tool doesnt require a product key. If you want to perform a clean installation in future, you would need to use download tool for creating bootable DVD or USB. You don't need a product key to clean install. Your key is linked to your hardware.

If you had an activated Windows 10, Windows will activate automatically after clean installing. What's the difference between fresh install of windows 10 and resetting the already installed windows 10? I would like to know this as well. After I upgraded to windows 10 I did a reset of the OS through settings. Reset might not work for some issues. I think reset and delete all files without wiping the disk is the best thing. I tried doing the "reset' from within W10 twice..

Got a BSOD both times I used the dvd I made from the. I was prompted twice to enter a key, skipped both times. Checked that W10 was activated when it was all done It was in fact. I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 through Windows update. And this article mentions, the 7 product key will be changed to 10 product key. So can I still use that product key to activate 7 or will it only work with 10 now? Your key should work on 7 because it's a win7 key. But Windows 10 doesn't need a key, your key is your hardware, that's what Windows 10 searches, if it matches it will say "oh this hardware was activated before, so it will be activated" that's why you can just put your windows 10 dvd and clean install without upgrading after you did a first upgrade of course so it would activate your hardware from 7 to If your W10 is running slow I suggest doing a clean W10 install.

Windows upgrades impact your system performance. Tried resetting my pc. While it is better now, still not upto 7's smoothness. A full clean install is not viable as I have a lot of data to transfer that too without an external hard drive. Well it seems it's easier just to Reset and delete all files no? Exactly my thought. Just upgrade to win10 and do a reset without keeping files and settings. That's no different than doing a clean install right?

This technique doesn't work. The main issue is that if you use your windows 8. If you skip the product key, you'll have an un-activated version of windows installed. After talking to Microsoft support, they basically want you to buy windows 10 if you truly want to do a clean installl. Otherwise it's an upgrade every time. My suggestion is to do a "fresh" install don't save any previous files and apps. This shoves your old drive into the windows.

Then you can run disc cleanup and remove the windows. Then make an image of your drive for future recovery using your favorite imaging tool. I've not found any other way that works - and i've spent well over 3 days now testing different methods. Also confirming what everyone else found - the 2 computers i have upgraded to 10 are showing the same generic key and that key will not work for install. It does work. You tried to use your 8. You shouldn't enter any key at all at any point.

If you upgraded to 10 from 7 or 8. During a clean install of Windows 10 later on the same machine, the request for Windows 10 product key must be skipped an option is available.

Otherwise your machine can't be activated. Note: you do NOT need your Windows 8. Click SKIP when it asks you for a key, and when you sign in on the PC with your Microsoft account same one you were already using , Windows 10 will activate automatically, no key required.

Exactly, 8. After a true upgrade, MS stores your licence on their server along with your hardware info. If you do a clean installation after the upgrade, the whole activation process is automatic. You just have to wait.

No keys required. It seems that you don't need to sign in with your MSA as you said, a local account should work too. As Zapella said, your hardware info is what matters. Well I didn't perform a clean installation, I just used the media creation tool to upgrade to windows 10, and everything is working like a charm, expect for my display adapter driver, which gave me a low resolution, but I solved it after many trials and finally used windows update to download the latest driver, after I uninstalled the previous one, and I even got two additional updates for windows 10 pro.

You actually don't need the product key. The clean install will activate it automatically, provided you don't change the hardware. This makes sense Why would Microsoft expect users to extract their key with an archaic 3 rd party program, just to make use of their much advertised free upgrade for the entire populace?

Should be easy right? And it is. Handy article, however I would say it would've been best not to suggest to delete all the partitions off the hard drive lol Just the partition they wish to install on unless they want to clean the hdd "completely". That's the definition of a clean install: deleting absolutely everything, including partitions.

Went the manual route for my laptop running Windows 8. Downloaded the ISO - so I can back that up too for later use if needed - loaded onto a USB stick, and used that to do the in-place upgrade.

By the time I made it into Windows 10 settings it was already activated. Then I turned around and did the the clean install - had already fully backed up and was ready, and I had been planning for a clean install anyway - which interestingly went much quicker than the upgrade.

Again, activation was already done by the time I checked on it. Pretty good so far, though the system seems a bit sluggish at times. Might just be initial shakedown happening, or maybe I need to verify the drivers are current. The mfr has drivers for 7 and 8. ISO will work fine, just make sure you get your license upgraded to a Windows 10 license by first updating through Windows Update, as mentioned in the article. In my case, my desktop and laptop currently run W7 Pro 64 bit.

Does the USB get tied to that specific machine which a clean install is performed on? Thanks J! In total my household has 5 pcs to upgrade, I'm glad I won't have to buy 5 separate USB drive for each pc. And they have to be the same language if I'm not mistaken. Did it thanks! If you do everything right, you'll never need to use any key at all.

You don't need to know your windows 10 key. Might as well buy Windows 10 Home. Clean install; all the way. Once I get it clean install only thru gimagex wonder if the media creation tool is like w8's where it'll decrypt the install esd as folder windows payload as I hate being bored with the long drawn out process that the setup app uses. Hi All, I did a clean install in the same way as its mentioned in the post except taking the key with Magical Jelly Bean, but after the clean install my Windows is not getting activated.

I contacted MS team and got the reply as its due to server slowness issue, but I'm not convinenced becuase its alredy two days my lap in this mode Anyone faced the same issue and got it resolved please post your comments below. As long as you upgraded to W10 first and it showed as activated. If you tried straight clean install without first doing an upgrade, then the only way I've come across for it to work is to rebuild to a clean version of whatever the machine came with don't waste time on the updates for it either, literally bang on the upgrade from a USB as soon as it's activated , then upgrade, then clean install at which point it doesn't need a key as the hwid is registered with MS.

I get the same error code after doing an upgrade of my Windows 10 Developer Preview last night. It was fully updated and activated before I did the upgrade. I upgraded to my own language and it kept only my personal files. The error code means that the key has been blocked.

Same here. Did an upgrade from Win 8. This morning massage pops out that Windows is not activated. It's must be noted that the requirement to get Windows 10 through Windows Update is only if you want to perform a clean install. Still no luck with the usb stick. The computer recognizes it once booted up to windows but it's not showing in the boot options.

Sadly the usb stick still is not showing in the boot options. Windows does recognize it once booted and the files for the install are there. I ran the uninstallers you recommended. The system is a little more responsive but not back to pre creators update. I have went a few hours without the wireless adaptor shutting down though. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member.

Hello, My computer originally came with windows 8. This thread is locked.



- How to Fix Windows 10, 11 Bootable USB Not Working (5 Ways)


Also covered is how to format and reinstall Windows 11 on your PC or laptop. In this guide , we will walk you through every step of installing Windows 11 for the first time. Before performing a clean OS installation, always make a backup of your entire device.

Unless you want to keep nothing important. You can use onedrive or another cloud storage service to back up small files such as documents, pictures, and other important files.

And, if you have a large number of files, transferring to such cloud will be costly and time-consuming. If this is the case, the best alternative would be to copy the files to an external USB hard drive.

Finally, press the Copy option to save all of these files to your external hard drive. Following the completion of the preceding steps, safely eject and remove the USB drive from your laptop or desktop computer. To ensure security, performance, and stability on a PC, Microsoft has increased the minimum system requirements for installing Windows You may not be able to install the Official Windows 11 on your device if it does not satisfy these requirements, and you should consider purchasing a new PC.

TPM trusted platform module is an international standard for a secure cryptoprocessor, which is a dedicated microcontroller designed to safeguard hardware using inbuilt cryptographic keys. Follow the below instructions. The installation procedure has now begun. Before installing any edition of Windows 11, we must first determine which version of Windows 10 is currently installed on our computer so that Windows will immediately reactivate after the installation.

Under the Windows section, check the windows edition and confirm the activation. You may generally skip this step if you already have the installation ISO file.

Note: Below steps will help you to let you download ISO file which will help you to Easily istall Windows 11 in yur system, if eligible. When the download is complete, run the executable file. If you only want to install Windows 11 on one computer. Alternatively, you can choose your preferred Language and Edition. Click on the Next button, and select a path on your computer to download Windows 11 ISO image file, such as your desktop folder. Make sure you have enough space to download the Windows 11 ISO image file, then click on the Save button.

It will now begin to download the Windows 11 ISO file, which will be around 5. Run the Rufus executable file once the download is complete. This programme, too, does not require installation. Insert your USB flash drive now if it is not already inserted. Moreover, all the unwanted and malware software will remove from your PC. So, your Windows 10 will clean and refresh. Before Installing Windows 10, we recommend upgrading your Windows 10 from any other Windows Furthermore, an upgrade will also save your data and migrate the data from one Window to another.

Recommended: Upgrade to Windows 10 from Other Windows. If you are not satisfied with Partition of your Hard disk, you can create a new Partition in Windows 10 using Disk Management. USB bootable with port 3. This time, you need to restart your laptop or PC. The steps of installation are very simple, but please follow our guidance of installing Windows 10 from USB.

After this, we recommend following our article to activate your Windows 10 freely. Activate the Windows 10 is important. Report abuse. Details required :. Cancel Submit. Hi RL. How is the USB drive created exactly? Make sure all other drives and peripherals are unplugged. If you're using another PC to do this then uncheck the box for Recommended Settings to choose the exact version and bit rate for the target PC only.

Make sure to follow the setup steps in the first link tutorial to complete your install. Drivers are important enough that those steps are printed in red. You will get and keep the best possible install to the exact extent you stick with the steps, tools and methods in the first linked tutorial.

It's a better install than any amount of money could buy and a great learning experience that will make you the master of your PC. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask back any questions and let us know how it goes.


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